What is JSON GEN?

A code generator that parses JSON to create client side source files to model the JSON data structure.
Current we support reading JSON and generate Java class files, but other languages will soon be included.

Why JSON GEN, isn't this like json-simple or flex-json?

No, but we acutally we use both of those libraries. Other JSON libraries parse JSON and populate client code but they don't actually generated the client code for you. This is where JSONGen comes into play, it generates those client stubs because you have better things to do!

What was the motivation behind this?

JSONGen was written by someone who was sick of getting .json feeds with no client code thus having to manually create client stubs. The client stubs don't too long to create but this particular person had better things to do (like write a library to handle it) and thus JSONGen was born.

OK I want to use it already! What do I do? how do i try it?

It is easy since you'll use this page to generate your code. Just put in a valid JSON url in the text box below and click 'generate'. In a few moments you'll see a link to download your generated files.

The form is currently populated with some sample data, replace the sample data with your information or just click generate to run the sample.

JSON GEN - Client Code Generation Tool

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Wow that saved me time, how can I thank you?

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